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AIoT makes our devices smarter, our businesses more efficient, and our lives easier. It’s the technology that powers our future.

Here, we showcase the immense potential of AIoT, hoping to inspire stakeholders to join Innodisk in building an intelligent world.



Smart Cloud-connected Flash Storage for Edge Devices With Microsoft Azure Sphere inside











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AIoT doesn’t have to be complicated

AIoT brings high-performance computing power all around us—making devices smarter, businesses more efficient, and life easier. It is, put simply, the technology of the future.

Innodisk is committed to turning this potential into reality. However, to fully achieve this goal, we need to join hands with stakeholders across different organizations and industries. Then, and only then, will AIoT reach its full potential.
With this website, we hope to inspire peers to join us in building the intelligent world that we envision, powered by AIoT.

There are two schools of thought, neither of which is necessarily more correct than the other. To some, AIoT is simply a combination of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things). To others, it stands for the Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT). Either way, they both refer to the same concept!

AIoT devices can be thought of as smart IoT devices. While IoT devices can certainly provide smart features, they rely on the cloud to do all the computing based on the inputs they provide. In contrast, AIoT devices are fully equipped to do a majority, if not all, the computing by themselves.

AIoT solutions can essentially be implemented in any existing system, whether small and local, or on a vast scale. While it may require some new hardware or software, AIoT implementation is better viewed as an upgrade than a completely new system that replaces any previous system.

Generally speaking, AIoT solutions require high-performance DRAM and flash storage solutions, combined with embedded peripherals that deliver the functionality that the application requires. Since a majority of AIoT applications are expected to run 24/7—and often in challenging environments—the longevity and ruggedness of the hardware constitute important considerations as well.

Effective management and maintenance of the vast number of devices in an AIoT system is a critical aspect of the work of any system operator, which in turn necessitates a sophisticated software system that facilitates device management.

We have organized a lot of useful examples and case studies on this website to demonstrate how AIoT can address challenges faced by businesses in virtually any industry. If you are feeling inspired or want to learn even more, please do not hesitate to reach out for a more in-depth discussion on how AIoT solutions can support your business needs.

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