• 停車場的實地探查與巡邏、取票驗票皆需大量工作人員
  • 許多停車場使用率低下且成效不彰
  • 規劃新的停車場時,難以計算停車場的最佳地點與大小
  • SSD儲存設備具極高耐用性與壽命,可在嚴苛條件下24小時全天候不停擺
  • 適用於邊緣運算系統的小尺寸儲存設備
  • iSMART軟體平台,支援全面遠端設備監控與壽命預測功能

Bringing AIoT to the Car Park

Making car parks smarter and more resource-effective
with intelligent devices and software tools

Innodisk provided the necessary hardware and software expertise to enable its client to provide more efficient and profitable vehicle parking services.


An increasing number of vehicles competing for a limited number of parking spaces is a problem all too familiar in many cities around the world. One part of the problem is inefficient use of existing parking spaces, with better utilization through technological innovation presenting a viable method to improve parking. To address this challenge, a client approached Innodisk to create a solution that improves their ticketing and parking planning system.


Innodisk’s solution provided the customer, a parking authority in a city, with a solution that allowed it to monitor vehicle positions within designated parking areas. The system also allowed authorized personnel to generate alerts and parking violation tickets, thus reducing the need for physical inspection of parking sites. Additionally, the solution allowed the client to optimize their parking system, enabling them to maximize revenue while also taking traffic constraints into account.

Our Promise

We at Innodisk believe that through cooperation, we can overcome any challenge. By maintaining an active line of communication from inquiry to implementation, we ensure a tailor-made solution that fits your application. We are committed to innovation with our continual focus on hardware, firmware, and software integration.


  • Significant manual work requirements associated with site inspection and ticketing
  • Poor utilization rates and low efficiency in many parking lots
  • Ability to determine the optimal location and size required for new parking lots
  • SSD storage devices with the durability and longevity necessary to operate 24/7 in challenging conditions
  • Small form factor storage devices suitable for edge computing systems
  • Device monitoring and lifespan prediction with the iSMART software platform
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