• 垃圾車的液壓系統會產生高溫高熱,極易導致硬體元件提早老化並降低性能
  • 司機可能不會按照計劃的路線行駛,而垃圾車經過隧道或穿梭高樓間也可能會失去GPS訊號
  • 垃圾超載會造成垃圾車的馬達性能加速惡化
  • 若嚴格控管垃圾車行駛路線與清運次數,可降低整體營運成本20%
  • 宜鼎國際寬溫SSD與DRAM元件搭配敷形塗層
  • 搭配CAN-ADR追蹤系統的Antzer追蹤器模組
  • Antzer追蹤器模組搭配CAN,可偵測垃圾車重量與胎壓
  • iCAP遠端控制系統

Improving City Public Services with IoV Integrations

Increasing operational efficiency and reducing the costs of
operating garbage collection services

Innodisk, with subsidiary Antzer, delivered a 360-degree AIoT solution that addressed the city council’s concerns over garbage collection and helped reduce costs incurred on the public by a vital city service.


A city council initiated a project to improve garbage collection service in terms of on-time performance and trash pickup accuracy, driver behavior during operations, and garbage truck conditions. To bring this IoV vision to reality, the city council needed rugged components ready for a harsh and challenging working environment.


Innodisk’s memory and storage solutions could easily handle the tough conditions imposed by the garbage trucks’ hydraulic systems. Antzer’s CAN tracker module easily tracked exact vehicle whereabouts when a GPS signal was not available and helped send alerts to drivers to halt collection when necessary. Furthermore, iCAP assisted with planning, suggesting better routes, and brought operators’ attention to abnormal driver behavior.

Our Promise

We at Innodisk believe that through cooperation, we can overcome any challenge. By maintaining an active line of communication from inquiry to implementation, we ensure a tailor-made solution that fits your application. We are committed to innovation with our continual focus on hardware, firmware, and software integration.


  • The garbage trucks use a hydraulic system that operates at high temperatures, which could easily cause premature component failure and impair performance
  • Truck drivers may not follow the planned route, and the GPS signal can disappear in tunnels and high-rise buildings
  • Overloading the trucks with too much trash causes motors to deteriorate at a faster rate
  • Cutting overall operation costs by 20% by exerting tight control of routes and pickup times
  • Innodisk wide-temperature SSD and DRAM components with conformal coating
  • Antzer tracker module with CAN-ADR tracking system
  • Antzer tracker module with CAN to obtain car weight and tire pressure
  • iCAP remote control system
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