Case Study

Making Portable Lighting Towers Smart and Sustainable

Making business more manageable and more sustainable
for a construction equipment rental company

Innodisk, with subsidiary Antzer, delivered a capable security solution that made it easy for the client to stay on top of all their equipment, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.


This case describes a construction equipment company that provides mobile lighting equipment for construction sites on a rental basis, and typically until construction finishes.

The company’s original portable lighting towers are powered by diesel engines that cause noise and pollution, and the company is planning to upgrade the generators with solar panels, and built-in batteries to power LED lighting. As part of the upgrade, the company is also vying solutions that allow remote management and improved security.


With Antzer’s GPS and cellular tracker installed, geofencing is available, which allowed the client to define an activity zone for each portable lighting tower. When the equipment is moved out of its designated zone, the tracking unit automatically sends an alert to the control center. Further, the upgraded equipment’s sensors made it easy for the rental company to remotely manage the equipment and stay vigilant to any unauthorized attempts to tamper with the hardware.

Our Promise

We at Innodisk believe that through cooperation, we can overcome any challenge. By maintaining an active line of communication from inquiry to implementation, we ensure a tailor-made solution that fits your application. We are committed to innovation with our continual focus on hardware, firmware, and software integration.


  • Company equipment was often used for other purposes than intended, and the company was unable to stay informed about the location and condition of such equipment
  • Equipment was frequently damaged, causing arguments with customers who could not cite any reasons for the damage
  • When equipment got stolen, it could not be traced and the time and place of the crime were also impossible to know
  • The company wishes to stay in full control of each piece of equipment without increasing labor costs to increase operating profits
  • Antzer’s GPS and cellular tracker that collects location, battery, temperature, and humidity status information, as well as regularly communicates with the control center
  • Motion (microwave) sensors connected to the tracker notifying the client of any suspected theft attempt (e.g., opening the cart door, removing the battery, etc.)
  • iCAP dashboard for real-time monitoring of all company equipment out in the field
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