Case Study

Making Roads Safer with Rugged AIoT License Plate Readers

Smart Real-time Road Safety Monitoring in Any Weather Conditions

Innodisk, with subsidiary Aetina, delivered a rugged traffic safety solution that uses AIoT to deliver police with critical roadside data in any conditions.


A police department needed a remote trailer that could detect and transmit alert messages. The Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR), was designed to record suspicious criminal activities and send messages to alert police authorities.


With Innodisk’s storage and memory solutions, the ALPR can deliver high-quality footage with protection from roadside elements such as extreme temperatures, humidity, and dust. The Jetson GPU helps seamlessly process thousands of license plates per day. Lastly, the iCAP dashboard ensures enhanced monitoring and maintenance.

Our Promise

We at Innodisk believe that through cooperation, we can overcome any challenge. By maintaining an active line of communication from inquiry to implementation, we ensure a tailor-made solution that fits your application. We are committed to innovation with our continual focus on hardware, firmware, and software integration.


  • Traffic monitoring and border control requires consistent camera recording quality
  • The trailer needs to endure harsh outdoor climate with temperatures -5° to 60°C and high humidity
  • The ALPR has to match vehicle license plates with police databases to find crime/insurance violations
  • The ALPR needs to send alerts to the control center in real time
  • Innodisk SSD with RECLine™ to avoid frame loss
  • Innodisk Wide-temperature SSD and DRAM with conformal coating
  • Aetina’s Jetson GPU installed to support accurate ALPR processing
  • Back-end control dashboard (iCAP™) to monitor all connected trailers via the ALPR
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