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Case Study

Reaping the Benefits of AIoT Fruit Harvesting

Harvesting fruit at a mechanical pace yet with human
accuracy using AIoT technology

Innodisk worked with a client to bring their fruit harvesting system into the future by reducing costs and improving efficiency with AIoT solutions.


Fruit harvesting is a labor intensive and inefficient part of the produce supply chain that contributes to higher costs for producers and more expensive fruit for consumers. While a mechanical harvesting system is extremely fast, it harvests fruits indiscriminately of ripeness, whereas human laborers are costly but can easily determine fruits’ ripeness. Instead, the client wanted to implement an automatic harvesting system that leverages AIoT solutions, with the ambition of improving both efficiency and yield.


The client implemented a new automatic harvesting system that it determined struck a good balance between traditional manual harvesting and a fully mechanical harvesting system. Cheaper than human laborers yet still able to effectively determine the ripeness of fruit, the new harvesting system helped reach the client’s goals by leveraging machine vision and sophisticated AIoT-enabled hardware solutions.

Our Promise

We at Innodisk believe that through cooperation, we can overcome any challenge. By maintaining an active line of communication from inquiry to implementation, we ensure a tailor-made solution that fits your application. We are committed to innovation with our continual focus on hardware, firmware, and software integration.


  • The high cost of harvesting fruits is a considerable challenge to producers’ bottom lines
  • Existing mechanical harvesting systems are fast but do not offer enough flexibility or sophistication to fully replace human laborers
  • Challenging outdoor weather and climate conditions
  • Huge amounts of data produced at a rapid pace by the machine vision system
  • High-performance Innodisk SSD that could maintain the pace and stability required by the video analytics system
  • Innodisk’s high-capacity SSD storage solutions to offer a high level of flexibility by only requiring single storage devices to be used
  • Power-loss protection to account for unstable power conditions and guarantee a high level of data integrity
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