Case Study

Safe Fleet Management on Unsafe Roads

Safeguarding and staying in control of a vast vehicle fleet
exposed to tough roadside conditions and costly incidents

Innodisk worked together with a logistics company to provide considerable improvements to efficiency and road safety in both the long and the short term.


In many of the fast-growing economies in Southeast Asia, the number of vehicles on the roads has skyrocketed. However, effective implementation of traffic rules and other road safety measures have in many places been lagging behind, proving a considerable challenge for vehicle operators. With a high rate of costly accidents, a logistics company approached Innodisk to come up with a solution that can address this problem in a way that also contributes to the long-term improvement of road safety.


With Innodisk’s solution, the client could track drivers effectively using visual representations on a map, making it vastly easier to get a good overview of vehicles as well as vehicle and driver behavior. Based on the data provided by the system, the client could start initiatives to improve drivers’ driving skills and therefore improve shipping quality and reduce the number of accidents. GPS tracking further provided the client with the means of identifying inappropriate driving behavior and improving shipping efficiency. The system also alerts the client about accidents and other problems faced by its vehicles, helping it quickly mount an appropriate response.

Our Promise

We at Innodisk believe that through cooperation, we can overcome any challenge. By maintaining an active line of communication from inquiry to implementation, we ensure a tailor-made solution that fits your application. We are committed to innovation with our continual focus on hardware, firmware, and software integration.


  • The client is facing growing costs incurred by accidents and property damage
  • Without any solid framework for insurance, the client needs to address the problem with other means
  • Effective fleet management is proving difficult, with the client facing challenges tracking and managing all its vehicles
  • Rugged wide temperature SSDs
  • iRetention, firmware purpose-designed to handle data retention in environments with high temperature variations and where longevity is key
  • Industrial-grade NAND flash with the highest quality and longest lifespan
  • E-mark certified SSDs ideal for in-vehicle applications
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