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Healthcare is arguably the industry sector where Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (AIoT) technologies can have the biggest direct impact on life—improving care and the work of caregivers, as well as making it easier to stay healthy.

In the health sector, AIoT solutions can provide immense benefits for both caregivers and caretakers. AIoT solutions can help caregivers provide the proper care and treatment to their patients, as well as help increase efficiency and monitoring abilities in healthcare facilities such as hospitals and clinics. For caretakers, AIoT technologies can make it easier to stay healthy, help reduce healthcare costs, and ensure that the best possible treatment can be provided.

Moreover, AIoT solutions in the healthcare industry hold immense promise for reducing the risk of labor shortages in healthcare environments by vastly improving autonomous decision making abilities and strengthening patient monitoring capabilities.


Healthcare is almost per definition a high-risk environment, which in turn necessitates stringent requirements for the equipment, devices, and components used in such applications. Some of the challenges posed by healthcare applications are:

Environmental challenges​

Environmental challenges

  • Exposure to gases and chemicals
  • Risk of radiation and electromagnetic interference
  • Small form factors and customized fitting

High-performance requirements​

High-performance requirements

  • Rapid machine vision
  • Split-second decision making
  • Excellent precision

Management and security requirements

Management and security requirements

  • Detailed and effective monitoring
  • Minimum downtime
  • Maximum data security and complete system integrity


MRI Machine
Medical All-in-one PC
Smart Medical Cart

MRI Machine

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MRI machines produce massive quantities of image data that a computer system must process in no time. Innodisk’s DDR4 ECC SODIMM provides all the memory performance and capacity needed in this demanding application while also being available in a customized PCB layout optimized for MRI machines.


USB to Dual Isolated CAN Bus CANopen Module

Innodisk’s advanced USB to dual isolated CAN bus CANopen module comes in a rugged design perfect for environments with strong magnetic fields, such as those nearby MRI machines. With exceptional data reliability and short latency, its sophisticated communications make for a perfect companion in MRI systems.



The mSATA 3IE4 flash storage device with LDO from Innodisk prevents the SSD from electromagnetic interference and maintains stable voltage supply – features critical in MRI systems. Moreover, the mSATA 3IE4 can be customized with anti-magnetic capabilities, ensuring even more reliable performance in high-magnetism applications such as MRI machines.


Millitronic WiGigHub

The WiGigHub from Millitronic is an industry-leading networking solution that provides ultra-low latencies, high bandwidth, and immunity from Wi-Fi interference. These qualities make the Millitronic WiGigHub a perfect platform for transmitting the massive quantities of data produced by MRI machines – all without the risk of signal interference.

All-in-one PC

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Medical all-in-one PCs demand reliable long-term solutions that provide adequate performance, exceptional quality, and long-term supply. Innodisk’s legacy DDR2 2 GB SODIMM meets these demands in full, providing reliable high-quality legacy modules that operators can depend on for the long haul.


2.5” RAID Module

With Innodisk’s unique 2.5” RAID module, operators can easily expand the 2.5” drive form factor to provide hardware RAID 1 mode for critical data redundancy needs in medical all-in-one PCs. The 2.5” RAID module achieves this without sacrificing space or ruggedness. Moreover, Innodisk’s iRAID software makes RAID management an intuitive and seamless experience for operators.



Innodisk’s mSATA 3IE4 SSD provides medical all-in-one PCs with the exceptional data reliability and security they require. The mSATA 3IE4’s exclusive iSLC firmware architecture extends the storage device lifespan and reliability compared to MLC devices while offering performance similar to that of SLC devices, making it an optimal storage device for medical all-in-one PCs. The mSATA 3IE4 can also be combined with Innodisk’s iSMART software for device health monitoring to avoid the risk of any equipment failure.

Smart Medical Cart

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Innodisk’s DDR4 8 GB UDIMM comes with guaranteed longevity support for medical projects, such as smart medical carts, allowing system integrators and operators to commit to a solution without the risk of core components getting discontinued. The Innodisk DDR4 8 GB UDIMM also ensures dependability even further with a fixed bill of materials (BOM) for all key components.


USB to 32-bit Digital I/O Module

The USB to 32-bit digital I/O module from Innodisk enables system integrators to set up function keys for their smart medical carts, facilitating operations and making system expansion easy. Combined with electrostatic discharge protection and Innodisk’s signature ruggedness, the USB to 32-bit digital I/O module is a great choice for smart medical carts.


mSATA/M.2 (S42) 3IE2-P

Innodisk’s mSATA/M.2 (S42) 3IE2-P flash storage solution is fully protected against environmental accidents and human errors with innovative technologies. Moreover, the mSATA/M.2 (S42) 3IE2-P is designed to provide quick data access, process massive amounts of data, and protect confidential data. With long-term supply and customization services available, the mSATA/M.2 (S42) 3IE2-P is perfect for medical applications such as smart medical carts.


Sysinno iAeris Indoor Air Quality Detector 

Sysinno’s iAeris Indoor Air Quality Detector provides healthcare service providers with real-time air quality information critical for ensuring a safe and hospitable environment in healthcare facilities. With precise sensors, excellent device security, and an anti-noise electrical design, the iAeris Indoor Air Quality Detector enables the highest level of stability in medical applications.

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