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Home and commercial Security Systems stand as key beneficiaries of innovative Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (AIoT) solutions. With AIoT solutions, such security systems can grow substantially more sophisticated, for instance by implementing AI-powered facial recognition technologies and analysis of other biometric data. Moreover, such solutions reduce the need for on-site management and maintenance work, as well as provide operators with more timely and actionable security insights.

The need for security systems is close to universal, with wide adoption both by personal users and commercial users in virtually any type of application, e.g., offices, retail locations, factories, and other commercial facilities. However, such security systems are often still relatively primitive and easy to breach.

By employing AIoT solutions in such applications, security features can be vastly enhanced, e.g., by detecting risk factors and predicting risks by leveraging big data. Further, by processing more data on the edge, latency issues can be mitigated while delivering superior insights from a larger number of sensors and devices. Equally important, AIoT technologies can ease the burden of maintenance and management work that usually comes with security systems, instead allowing such work to be largely possible remotely.


Because of the diverse environments and requirements of different security systems, AIoT solutions meant for such applications need to face a wide variety of challenges, for example:

Environmental challenges​

Environmental challenges

  • Year-round outdoor and indoor climates with extreme temperatures and challenging weather conditions
  • Exposure to gases and pollutants
  • Shocks and vibrations
  • Electromagnetic interference

High-performance requirements​

High-performance requirements

  • Expectation of almost instantaneous processing of biometric data
  • High accuracy with little room for error
  • Storing and processing huge amounts of data
  • Seamless remote monitoring
  • Low latency

Management and security requirements

Management and security requirements

  • Effective remote maintenance and management work
  • Minimum downtime
  • High level of security from edge to cloud to protect sensitive personal and/or commercial information


Smart Camera
Network Video Recorder (NVR)
Panel PC
Secure Gate

Smart Camera

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mPCIe/M.2 Isolated PoE Modules

The mPCIe/M.2 isolated PoE modules from Innodisk allow smart cameras to transmit power and data through the same Ethernet cable, thus eliminating the need for an extra cable connection. Innodisk’s PoE modules offer high voltage isolation, electrostatic discharge protection, as well as wide temperature support for unwavering stability in challenging security applications such as smart cameras.



Innodisk’s nanoSSD SSD 3TE7 is an ideal flash storage solution for smart cameras with its extremely compact size yet high performance. The nanoSSD 3TE7’s green design also reduces power consumption, enabling more power-efficient smart camera operation.


Aetina Edge AI Computing Platform

The Aetina Edge AI Computing Platform and its integrated NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2 provide exceptional artificial intelligence capabilities perfect for smart cameras, allowing more data to be processed at the edge instead of in the cloud. The Aetina Edge AI Computing Platform is a highly robust compact system with wide temperature capabilities designed for high performance low-power AI computing, making it great choice for challenging edge applications.


Millitronic WiGigHub

The WiGigHub from Millitronic is a highly capable and ultra-fast networking solution that delivers 1-gigabit throughput LOS at 250 meters and is immune from Wi-Fi interference. Its ultra-fast and low-latency performance makes it a great solution for smart cameras.

Network Video Recorder

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DDR4 Large-capacity SODIMM

Innodisk’s DDR4 large-capacity SODIMM DRAM modules provide ample performance and capacity to empower NVRs for demanding video workloads. The large-capacity DDR4 SODIMM from Innodisk provide industry-leading stability suitable for NVRs’ 24/7 operations.


mPCIe/2.5” RAID Modules

Innodisk’s mPCIe/2.5” RAID modules enable high capacity in small sizes, with RAID 0 offering faster read/write speeds and double the storage space compared to using one drive. When paired with Innodisk’s iRAID software, operators can automatically receive email notifications when specific events occur, making it easy to keep track of drive health to make sure that NVRs do not suffer any unexpected downtime.


CFast 3TE7 and CFexpress 3TE2

The CFast 3TE7 and CFexpress 3TE2 from Innodisk provide fast and reliable storage optimal for storing image files. With small and removable memory card form factors and low power consumption, they make it easy to manage and maintain NVRs’ storage, while also providing efficient heat dissipation to avoid thermal issues and degraded performance.

Panel PC

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Innodisk’s DDR3 SODIMM DRAM modules’ compact design allow easy installation in panel PCs’ limited space, which, combined with their high quality, make them an excellent choice for panel PCs. Innodisk can also provide a full MTBF report to help simulate the operating environment.


mPCIe/M.2 to Four RS-232/422/485 Modules

Innodisk’s mPCIe/M.2 to Four RS-232/422/485 modules provide a high level of flexibility, providing configurable serial ports that allow for the collection of sensor data, e.g., temperature, humidity, and climate data. Moreover, with electrostatic discharge protection, the mPCIe/M.2 to Four RS-232/422/485 modules from Innodisk deliver exceptional system dependability.


2.5” SATA SSD 3TE7

Innodisk’s 2.5” SATA SSD 3TE7 with wide temperature support allows the storage device to operate steadily even in fan-less devices such as panel PCs. The Innodisk 2.5” SATA SSD 3TE7 also provides high stability, allowing the system to run in unstable environments.

Secure Gate

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DDR3 Wide Temperature SODIMM

The Innodisk DDR3 Wide Temperature SODIMM’s wide operating temperature makes it a competent choice for outdoor secure gates. Its high-speed memory helps monitor and control large flows of people without any hiccups, and its low power consumption support efficient secure gate operations.


USB to 32-bit Digital I/O Module

Innodisk’s USB to 32-bit digital I/O module provides programmable digital I/O and selectable VCCIO, allowing operators to connect devices easily. It also supports a third mounting hole and USB pin header for out-of-minicard installation. Moreover, the Innodisk USB to 32-bit digital I/O module features electrostatic discharge protection, ensuring secure gates’ stable operations.


2.5” SATA SSD 3TG6-P

The Innodisk 2.5” SATA SSD 3TG6-P’s direct write mode provides stable and linear performance, avoiding any sudden performance drops. It also offers fast boot times and low power consumption, making it an ideal choice for secure gates.

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DDR3 wide temperature SODIMM

2.5″ SATA SSD 3TG6-P


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