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Public transportation can be frustrating for a lot of reasons. For detractors, public transportation is an undesirable and inefficient to get around. For fans, public transportation still has a lot of room for improvement, with virtually everyone having ideas and opinions on how to make their own commutes better. With Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (AIoT) technologies, these elements of frustration can be addressed by introducing much-needed efficiency and service quality improvements—making public transportation desirable even for the detractors.

AIoT technologies in public transportation can make significant contributions to overall quality. For instance, buses and subway trains can be operated in a more efficient and smarter way by letting AIoT devices analyze demand, traffic flow, and other factors. In-carriage service quality can also be vastly improved by introducing much-needed security improvements, adding connectivity, and reducing the risk for overcrowding.

Lastly, with the added computing power and monitoring abilities made possible with AIoT, the vast public transportation networks of the world also become easier to manage—increasing overall reliability and customer satisfaction.


AIoT in public transportation applications face a diverse range of challenges that need to be properly addressed to ensure that the desired results can be achieved by AIoT solutions. Some of these challenges include:

Environmental challenges​

Environmental challenges

  • Diverse indoor and outdoor climates and weather conditions
  • Exposure to gases and pollutants
  • Shocks and vibrations

High-performance requirements​

High-performance requirements

  • Storing and processing huge amounts of data
  • High-fidelity and actionable surveillance footage
  • Stable performance in high-stress environments

Management and security requirements

Management and security requirements

  • Effective remote monitoring and management of large numbers of devices
  • Minimum downtime
  • Fortified against any security threats since such threats risk crumbling extremely vital infrastructure


Passenger Information System
Fare Control
Vehicle Monitoring System

Passenger Information

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CFast 3TE7

CFast 3TE7 is a low-latency and extremely high-speed flash storage device from Innodisk that comes in an energy efficient and anti-vibration package ideal for passenger information systems. Thanks to its small size and portable format, it can easily be moved between devices and replaced with little effort and minimal system downtime.


M.2 to Single HDMI/DVI-D/LVDS Module

Innodisk’s innovative M.2 to single HDMI/DVI-D/LVDS module is an extremely compact yet highly capable display card that supports up to 4K resolutions for crisp passenger information system displays. The M.2 to single HMDI/DVI-D/LVDS module supports both Windows and Linux, making it a perfect choice for passenger information systems – no matter what platform they are running on.


Antzertech CAN Bus/J1708 Card (FARO Series)

Antzertech’s CAN Bus/J1708 Card (FARO Series) is designed for advanced in-vehicle communications, adding support for the powerful CAN bus and J1708 vehicle communication protocols in a standard mPCIe card. The CAN Bus/J1708 Card (FARO-FP Series) also has a built-in accelerometer, gyroscope, and can operate in wide temperatures, making it a suitable alternative for passenger information systems.

Fare Control

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DDR3 SODIMM DRAM modules from Innodisk bring stable performance that can handle the processing of vast numbers of passengers and is designed to provide exceptional performance for seamless processing. Innodisk’s strict in-house testing further ensures the DDR3 SODIMM modules’ quality, guaranteeing that they are up for the task at every moment, every day, year round.



Innodisk’s mSATA 3TE7 provides fare control systems with stable performance in a form factor that is compact, highly compatible with a wide variety of systems and enclosures, and easy to install.


mPCIe to Two/Four USB 3.0 Modules

The mPCIe to two/four USB 3.0 modules from Innodisk provides system integrators with up to four USB ports in a small and rugged form factor ideal for fare collection systems. High-speed USB interfaces are ideal for fare collection system expansion, for example by allowing system integrators to add new or upgraded scanners and card readers.

Vehicle Monitoring

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DDR3 SODIMM modules from Innodisk provide great thermal performance in in-vehicle systems thanks to their small, low-profile design. Innodisk’s DDR3 SODIMM enhanced with anti-sulfuration technology further prevent environmental damage from sulfur gasses that commonly threaten modules used in vehicle monitoring systems.


USB/M.2 to Dual Isolated CAN Bus CANopen Modules

Thanks to its low hardware costs and minimal signal processing requirements, CAN bus is an ideal solution for modern vehicle monitoring systems. With Innodisk’s dual isolated CAN bus modules, system integrators enjoy great flexibility in implementing J1939 in transportation applications as the modules utilize the M.2 and USB form factors – allowing for simple expansion.


InnoREC Series (3MV2-P)

The InnoREC Series (3MV2-P) from Innodisk is optimized for surveillance applications, bringing unparalleled surveillance capabilities to vehicle monitoring system used in modern transportation applications. The InnoREC series’ (3MV2-P) RECline firmware technology ensures steady performance without any frame loss, and the hardware is engineered with passive cooling and an anti-vibration mechanical design for optimal performance.


CAN Bus + GNSS Card (GADN Series)

The CAN bus + GNSS Card (GADN Series) from Antzertech is a highly capable card series that provides transportation applications with support for CAN, J1708, six axis sensors, GNSS positioning, and dead reckoning in compact M.2 and mPCIe form factors. This extensive list of advanced features and the CAN bus + GNSS card’s (GADN Series) wide temperature support makes it an excellent choice for vehicle monitoring systems.

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CFast 3TE7


CAN Bus/J1708 Card (FARO Series)


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