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Road Infrastructure is arguably the most important type of infrastructure in the world and has—in some shape or form—been around longer than humans. While roads have certainly changed in the last millions, thousands, and hundreds of years, the arrival of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (AIoT) means the perhaps biggest change to our roads since their humble beginnings.

With AIoT, road infrastructure becomes so much more than just roads. Rather, because of the prevalence of roads virtually everywhere there is human activity, road infrastructure can serve as the primary backbone for the smart city services of the future. For instance, pieces of road infrastructure such as streetlights serve as ideal places for adding wireless connectivity to a neighborhood, delivering insights on weather and pollution conditions, as well as boosting security by detecting and predicting accidents and crime.

Of course, AIoT solutions are ideal for improving regular, traffic-related, aspects of road infrastructure as well. For example, AIoT can help improve traffic flow through intelligently controlling things like traffic lights and speed limits, as well as improving energy efficiency by controlling roadside light conditions based on nearby activity.

In other words, AIoT is vital to the road infrastructure of the future, which in turns is vital for both the vision of a smart city future and better traffic.


Road infrastructure faces immense challenges as both a vital part of the overall smart city ecosystem and as a system constantly exposed to the elements. Moreover, road infrastructure’s key part in ensuring the safety of drivers and pedestrians further requires utmost reliability and system stability. Some of the challenges AIoT applications in road infrastructure is up against include:

Environmental challenges​

Environmental challenges

  • Year-round outdoor climates with extreme temperatures and challenging weather conditions
  • Exposure to gases and pollutants
  • Shocks and vibrations

High-performance requirements​

High-performance requirements

  • Storing and processing huge amounts of data
  • Split-second decision making with lives at risk
  • High accuracy with little room for error

Management and security requirements

Management and security requirements

  • Effective remote monitoring of staggering numbers of smart devices
  • Minimum downtime
  • Fortified against any security threats since such threats risk crumbling extremely vital infrastructure


Electronic Toll Collection System
Roadside Monitoring Station

Electronic Toll
Collection System

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2.5” SATA SSD 3MG2-P/3TG6-P

Innodisk’s 2.5” SATA SSD 3MG2-P and 3TG6-P series are high-performing flash storage devices ideal for demanding work in electronic toll collection systems. They offer excellent random data transfer performance, and, with no moving parts, they offer great reliability with vibration-resistant designs. Moreover, the 2.5” SATA SSD 3MG2-P and 3TG6-P’s device sleep mode (DEVSLP) enables extremely low power consumption. Paired with Innodisk’s software solutions, they also provide sophisticated device health monitoring for maximum predictability.

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Roadside Monitoring

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DDR4 SODIMM Wide Temperature

Innodisk’s wide-temperature DDR4 SODIMM serves as an ideal DRAM solution for roadside monitoring stations. In addition to true wide temperature capabilities, these modules come with anti-sulfuration, making them extra resistant to environmental challenges common in outdoor environments. In demanding environments such as those found alongside highways, Innodisk’s conformal coating provide the DDR4 SODIMM modules with even stronger protection against environmental threats such as dust, moisture, and pollution – making them a reliable choice for extreme environments.

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InnoREC Series (3MV2-P)

The InnoREC series (3MV2-P) is an exclusive product line from Innodisk optimized for highly demanding surveillance applications with Innodisk’s unique hardware and firmware technologies. With InnoREC’s best-in-class technologies, continuous video recording in roadside monitoring stations with zero frame loss is no longer a challenge, and its anti-vibration mechanical design allows it to keep running even in high-vibration roadside environments.

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Aetina Edge AI Computing Platform

Aetina’s sophisticated Edge AI Computing Platform is ideal for edge AI computing in applications such as roadside monitoring stations. The Edge AI Computing Platform’s powerful integrated NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2 system on a module and robust wide temperature design allow it to deliver unparalleled AI performance in demanding roadside conditions. Aetina’s computing platform is highly versatile and supports up to six MIPI cameras – making it highly capable for multi-camera implementations in roadside monitoring stations.

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iAeris Outdoor Air Quality Detector

The iAeris Outdoor Air Quality Detector from Sysinno provides operators with real-time air quality information critical to understanding roadside conditions and is easily integrated with existing dashboards for efficient analysis. Sysinno’s iAeris Outdoor Air Quality Detector is engineered with challenging outdoor environments in mind and comes with waterproof design, wide temperature capabilities, as well as anti-noise electrical design.

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